Student Profiles

Undergraduate and graduate students form an integral part of our society. Our annual conference acknowledges their had work through prizes and awards. In between, our student profiles highlight the research of ACCESS student members and the work that they're currently conducting. 

If you are a student and would like to be featured in our student profile, please contact Spencer Virgin ( or Michael Coffin (

We look forward to hearing from you!

December, 2015: Brady Quinn, PhD candidate, UNB-SJ


September, 2015: Allison Dykstra, Honours students, UNB-F


July, 2015: Mike Coffin, PhD candidate, UPEI


June, 2015: Katie MacGregor, PhD candidate, Laval


April, 2015: Julius Ellrich, PhD candidate, St. Francis Xavier


December, 2014: Spencer Virgin, Honours student, UNB-F


November, 2014: Christa Skinner, MSc candidate, Saint Mary's


October, 2014: Carly Wrathall, MSc candidate, Saint Mary's 


August, 2014: Jennifer Frail-Gauthier, PhD candidate, Dalhousie


July, 2014: Kevin Sorochan, PhD candidate, Dalhousie


June, 2014: Dante Torio, PhD candidate, McGill


March, 2014: Jeff Clements, PhD candidate, UNB-SJ

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